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At 17 Entertainment, we to propel your brand to new heights through innovative, meaningful, successful, measurable, and effective public relations strategies. We are dedicated to helping clients forge  strong  connections with their consumers and through compelling narratives and products. We strive to build a reputation that inspires trust and loyalty in every interaction. We are passionate about elevating your position and presence in the market,  providing you with established visibility and relevance. With an expert team at your service, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and being the reliable partner you need to achieve success. Trust us to elevate  your story into an unforgettable legacy. 


As a leading boutique agency in New York in the field of public relations, 17 Public Relations is different because we work with everyone. We don’t say we support diversity and inclusion; we have a roster of clients that proves it. We focus on our client’s need to expand their brand presence and awareness by meeting their target propositions through our innovative and creative strategies and services.

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